The quality guaranties and certifications.

In this section you can find out the whole informations about the law and the product quality certifications we get.

The respect for the environment and the quality control are for Ciesse a constant effort.

The policy of control schedule a constant examination of security, uniformity, resistance and performance.


The company applies a whole series of checks to guarantee and verify the correspondence of sold products to safety, conformity, resistance and performance requirements through the development of a checking system both on finished product and, above all, on materials, components and manufacturing.

  Materials with low formaldehyde emission, in compliance with the strict EEC directives on the matter.
  Packing and packaging made of recyclable materials in accordance with European regulations.
  The wood iused in the manufacturing of Ciesse kitchens originates from areas with a reforestation obligation.
  Hardware picked from the best manufacturers to guarantee the utmost reliability and durability.
  Worktops selected and made with materials chosen for their resistance and aesthetic quality.
  Sturdier than any other model, Ciesse kitchens can easily withstand even the most intensive usage.
  Ergonomics featured by all Ciesse kitchens, made with one main concept in mind: namely, ease of use.
  Safety is a priority, so all materials are selected according to exacting construction parameters. Colours and finishes available in a wide chromatic range for all compositions.